Posts from July 2018

From Quarrel to Choir

North Korean children do not initially show up at Durihana International School happy to be there. They do not eagerly bring their back-packs full of paper, pens, and pencils excited to be in a new school. It is not a school that they have been working hard to gain a rare and elite admission to. […]

Famine, Famine & More Famine

Famine has been perpetual in North Korea since the early 1990’s. It has simply become a matter of degree-how bad will famine be this year. The North Korean state newspaper the, Rodong Sinmun began the week yesterday warning the country that more hardship is coming. The difficulty that is coming was compared to the famine […]

June 2018 Rescue

  I had the opportunity to spend most of the month of June at the Durihana headquarters in South Korea.  I was able to see up close and be a part of the ministry, and it was a wonderful experience.  While there I was able to go with Pastor Chun as he completed the rescue […]