Posts from August 2018

An Education In Hatred

If you have been following me on the last few blogs, you have come to see that the aim of the Durihana International School and the aim of North Korean schools is the same: to make the children worshippers. The great difference comes in whom we are teaching the children to worship. The purpose of […]

Where Knowledge Begins

On a visit to the Durihana International School in Seoul you would be very impressed at what you found. You would see the students wake up and begin their day with a 5:30 am prayer service. You would find them learning a host of different subjects. Regarding language, over half of them speak Chinese, they […]

The Tiger is now the Trainer

The Durihana student choir has come a long way since their first song. The choir has sung in front of politicians, national media outlets, premier businessmen, major companies, and many more. Most recently they were invited to the 1st World Youth Choral Festival and Competition on Jeju island, Korea. The event was held this July […]