Urgent Prayer For Durihana

Dear friends of Durihana,

I write to inform you of an urgent prayer request and to ask you to continue to pray for it until God answers. Let me explain the situation… The city of Seoul (where Durihana is headquartered) has been systematically demolishing, remodeling, and updating various neighborhoods. When they come into a district to remodel it, the businesses are forced to relocate. The current buildings Durihana occupies will be demolished and turned into apartment buildings.

The neighborhood in which Durihana is headquartered will undergo remodeling beginning in 2019. A few weeks ago, a court notice was given to Durihana that they will need to move out due to the city’s remodeling. As a result, Durihana is being forced out by the end of this month.

Durihana occupies floors in five separate buildings. There are two girls’ dorms, two floors of classrooms, a floor of offices, a cafeteria, a church, and boys’ dorms as well. There are over 80 people including students and staff.

We need you to pray for two main things: 1. That God would provide a place for the Durihana staff, students, school, ministry, and church. 2. That God would provide the provision for the place.

The provision needed is a lot. Durihana will need $1,000,000 just to put down as a deposit to rent the facilities needed.

Let me explain the reason for the high price. Rent in Korea works very different than the U.S. If you want to rent a place, you usually put down anywhere from 40% to 80% of the entire value of the property. So if you want to rent an apartment valued at $100,000 then you will need $40,000 down. The landlord holds your deposit and earns interest off of it and then returns it to you when you move out. The amount you put down on a deposit also determines the amount of rent you pay monthly. The more you put down, the less your monthly rent is. The cost per square foot of real estate in Seoul seems to average about $700 per square foot. It can easily be as much as $1200/square foot, with the cheapest being $350/square foot.

Pastor Chun has been diligently praying and looking for new space (I have personally been with him doing it). God has not yet opened a door. He will soon—in answer to our prayers.

When Israel fought the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-16) the battle was not won by the strength of the warriors, but by the faithfulness of those praying. As Moses kept his hands raised to God, Israel prevailed, when he let down his hands, Amalek prevailed. All were not on the battlefield, but all were certainly in the battle. We cannot all go to North Korea or China to rescue those in darkness. We will not all be teachers at the Durihana school. But that does not make us any less a part of the battle. In fact, God may have you where He has you in so that you can be more given to prayer than if you were in the midst of the battle itself. It is hard to pray when a sword is being swung at your head and arrows are flying toward your chest. But on the mountain top with a birds-eye view of the battle, out of range of the enemy’s weapons, prayer can be made extensively and effectively.

God has promised to “supply all [our] need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Will you join us to pray every day until God supplies this need?

I will keep you updated as to the progress of the place and the provision so you can pray more accurately.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to give, you can do so through out website www.durihanamission.org. On the paypal page you can designate your gift for the building.

Thank you so much for your prayer at this time. We will soon give thanks for the answer together as well.