Listed below are two ways you can give financially to Durihana:
1. Online through Paypal
2. By Mailing a check or money order.

Online Giving Through PayPal Using Your Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal Account

There are four things you should know about giving online. It is simple and secure, and it will only take a few moments to go through the process. We are a 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

1.     To make a one-time or recurring donation, please click the button below and enter your amount. (Please note: you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a one-time donation; you may use your debit or credit card. However, recurring donations require that you use or set up a PayPal account.).

2.     Once you click the button, you will be directed to PayPal’s site. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your donation.

3.     PayPal does receive less than 3% of your donation as a processing fee. This is an administrative fee typical of online payment services. For example: If you donate $10.00 to Durihana through PayPal, Durihana will actually receive approximately $9.40. The entire amount of your donation is deductible for tax purposes.

4.     Durihana will issue annual statements for your tax-deductible gifts. If you do not receive a statement, please contact us at to ensure that we have received your donation.



How To Make Recurring Monthly Donations

By default, PayPal makes your PayPal balance the default way to make a recurring donation. Many people do not have money in their PayPal balance, so it is important to enable your secondary payment option (credit/debit card).

First, login to your PayPal account. Once logged in, click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the page.

Next, click on payments on the upper left/middle of the page. Under “manage upcoming payments,” click on preapproved payments.

Under merchant, select Durihana Inc. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see backup payment method. Change it to whichever payment method you prefer to use and click save.

When you click the donation button and would like to make a recurring donation, you can click the recurring donation checkbox. This will prompt you to login to your PayPal account as you must have a PayPal account to make a recurring donation.  Because most people do not have money in their PayPal balance, PayPal will recognize the second payment option and charge your debit/credit card.  



Donate By Check or Money Order

You may donate to Durihana by sending your gift (cash, check, or money order) to the following address

P.O. Box 4429
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502-4429