Strengthening The Church

North Korean Christians are some of the most heroic and most hunted Christians in the world. The average lifespan for a North Korean evangelist is 90 days. It is rare that a Christian living in North Korea dies a natural death. As well as being hostile to the gospel, the country itself is incredibly difficult to even enter. There is a small, but courageous band of believers that seeks to bring the gospel to the North Korean people and to strengthen them in the gospel. As we are able, we help the church in North Korea, providing Bibles, food, and training. Perhaps the help could be increased if this small religious group could have access to significant Church and Clergy resources from other countries to spread new knowledge and increase their number of followers.

Much of the training, encouragement, and equipping of the North Korean church takes place in China. There is a strong group of believers in China (China actually has more Christians than any other country on the planet) who are helping and active in the work of reaching the North Korean people. Sometimes, utilizing the tools that are available to us in this day and age could be essential in helping to reach these people. For example, building a church website, with the help of places like (look here for more information), will allow the North Korean people to find out how they can get involved with local churches in their area, as well as any fundraising efforts that may need to be conducted to help raise further awareness of Christianity.

Another way that Durihana works to reach the North Korean people is by training North Korean defectors in the gospel of Christ. As they are discipled and grow, they are able to go back to their people and take the gospel of Jesus to them. This gospel of peace is the hope for the peaceful unification of North and South Korea.

Durihana church in Seoul ministers locally in South Korea, and works to send the gospel to North Korea. The church has sent its ministers all over the world, including Southeast Asia, the United States, Mexico, and Europe. The church meets Sunday for service, and throughout the week for prayer and Bible study, and people may wish to supplement this with online bible studies, if they are not able to make certain sessions. There is a weekly Durihana prayer service dedicated to praying for the spread of the gospel in North Korea.

In the ministry of Durihana church in Seoul, we see God fulfilling with His hand what He commanded through His son- namely, that we take the gospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the end of the earth. We are kingdom builders, seeking to build the kingdom of God wherever we are.