Share The Vision

Sharing the Vision

We believe that the Scriptures teach that it is not necessary to solicit funds by prodding or manipulating God’s people; while at the same time it is not proper to hide the needs of others from our supporters. This seems to be the heart of the Scripture admonition to “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” One of the great aims of this ministry is to bring as many “burden bearers” alongside the North Korean people as possible, so as to bring them to Christ. As God is seen at work, and Christ is seen in the work, we believe He will draw people to the work. We all cannot do everything, but we all can do something. As each part does its share, be that praying, giving, or laboring in some other way, the body will be built up. We have developed the following means by which you can obtain up to date information regarding what is going on with the work in North Korea:

• Our Website. The main purpose of the Durihana website is to notify our supporters of urgent prayer requests, the successful rescue of North Koreans, the growth and activities of the children at the Durihana International School, as well as other direction and developments in the work. It is our primary vehicle to share what is being accomplished through the prayers and gifts of our supporters. The website will provide updates, reports from the field, and testimonies that will encourage you as you see the faithfulness of God.

• Live Text (SMS) and Email Updates. Because the nature of the work can be so precarious and often risky, we depend upon the prayers of God’s people. We can notify our supporters via text messaging and e-mail when a rescue is taking place so that you can be praying for their safe passage. Sign up to receive e-mails or text notifications by going to our Text/Email Sign-Up page.

• Visiting Churches upon Request. We will visit churches and other Christian gatherings (mission conferences, etc.) upon their request. Our oral presentation to any church or conference will always be in conformity to the requests of the leadership.