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The greatest way that you can help the people of North Korea is by praying for them.  Due to the nature of this ministry, this website will be updated continually with live prayer requests from the ministry as rescues are taking place.

Some things that you can always be praying for are:

  • The Spiritual well-being and growth of the Durihana staff and students.

  • Physical provision for the Durihana staff and school.

  • Rescue operations: Pray for the protection of all the staff, rescuers and defectors, for provision for the rescue missions, and that the rescuers and defectors are not discovered by the Chinese.

  • Pray for those escaping North Korea, so that they are able to  get out of the country safely and into China.

  • Pray for those escaping China, so that they are able to get out of China safely and into South Korea.

  • Pray for Pastor Chun. He is the one who orchestrates it all.  Pray for wisdom, grace, protection, provision, and a continually deepening walk with Christ for him.

Start Your Own Durihana Prayer Group

Another BIG way that you can help is by starting your own prayer group for North Korea and the work taking place there.  Across the country and the world, people are gathering every day and night of the week to pray for Durihana and the North Korean people.  This is how things change in the world.  We would ask you to seriously consider beginning a prayer group on behalf of the North Korean people and ministries, like Durihana, that are reaching them with the gospel, or you can join a prayer group near you.


24 Hour Prayer Team

We are in need of people constantly praying for the needs of Durihana and the rescue of North Koreans.  If you would like to pray, please pick and time slot by signing up below.  Please look at the available time slots and put the time that you are able to pray.